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Breakthrough artist has been rising with his groovy and tribalistic deep, afro and melodic house sounds

When it comes to afro house, it’s pretty hard not to think of MoBlack Records . The label became a meeting point for the main representatives of the genre on the international scene, such as Pablo Fierro , Mita Gami and FNX OMAR .

It’s Jordan John’s turn to be in the middle of this stellar team. A breakthrough artist who has been rising with his groovy and tribalistic deep, afro and melodic house sounds, he was invited to collaborate with Darksidevinyl on the track ‘ Yazid ‘.

The quality of this release makes us understand why Darksidevinyl included Jordan John on their ” Kana ” EP. Together, the artists layered moments of emotional ethnic vocals over thumping beats, inviting the dance floor.

The word Yazid , in the Urdu language, means “growth, to become bigger”, it is a common name to be given to babies and it makes sense to title this collab, for its progressive progressive quality together with an exuberant percussiveness.

“Yazid was produced with the intention of bringing life, energy and pure joy through howling vocals, rhythmic percussion and groove. It is a style of traditional indigenous musical notes, stylized with funky melodies that convey the love of dance”, says Jordan John.

The track is already a nice checkpoint in his career; Yazid went straight to the Beatport Top 100 and promises to gain even more support, from a list of artists that already included, for Jordan, names like Blondish, Ameme, Gordo, Polo & Pan, Tom & Collins.

Jordan John will continue to expand his space on the scene, enjoying a moment of constant touring in Europe and the US, in addition to more releases to come on major labels.


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